Dani Dodge is an award-winning artist who creates immersive, interactive environments that incorporate video, paint, and performance.

 A former journalist and war correspondent, she makes art inspired by time on the battlefield, but explores the wars we wage within ourselves. She began painting in 2004 after being embedded with the Marines in Iraq. Dodge was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2006, but left newspapers two years later to focus on telling stories through art.

Dodge works primarily by layering different media – paint, wallpaper, fabrics, screen doors, bed frames, mattresses, eyeglasses and video – to build environments. The tableaus tell tales of loneliness, joy, pain and triumph – in short, of being human. When she adds in performance, her aim is to build community through social interaction, and encourage the audience to recognize our shared humanity.

 Her work is included in three museum collections.