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"Cucumber Girl,"
Textile Sculpture On Custom Shelf, 2012 9" x 9" x 11" with shelf


Daria Dorosh, a founding member of A.I.R. Gallery, integrates traditional art with new media, fashion, and technology. Her exhibitions, such as Plays Well with Others (2004) and The Changing Room (2007) have been collaborative multimedia installations with guest participants from diverse fields.

After 36-years as a fashion design professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, she became a researcher with SMARTlab, UK, and completed her thesis, Patterning: the Informatics of Art and Fashion in 2007. Fashion is a rich repository of social, historic, and personal information, which she integrates into her art practice and explores through her company, Fashion Lab in Process.

She presented her theory on pattern at two NKS Wolfram Research conferences; she is active in the arts and environmental groups in the Upper Delaware River Valley, NY, where she has her studio. In 2011 she received ArtTable’s 30th Anniversary Artist Honors Award for work that goes beyond studio practice, and her 2011 interview by Paddy Johnson Concerns from The Second Economy: Daria Dorosh on the Baby Boomer’s Relationship to Technology and Art is posted on the Art Fag City blog.

Her 20th one-person exhibition, DEEP Play: imaginary realms and comfort objects for grown-ups, (October 2012) combines digital prints and portable textile sculpture inspired by the cell phone. If text, textile, and technology all originate in the Latin root texere ‘to weave’, Deep Play is a return to beginnings, to touch, to play, to imagine, and to continue the search for new patterns.





2007- SMARTlab, Digital Media Institute, University of East London, UK,
PhD in new media, thesis: Patterning: The Informatics of Art and Fashion
1968-1964 Cooper Union School of Art & Architecture, NY, Certificate, Fine Arts
1963-1961 Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, AAS, Fashion Illustration


2012-1969 Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, Fashion Design Department
1985-1976 Parsons School of Design, NY, Fine Art Department


2012 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, “DEEP Play: imaginary realms and comfort objects for
grown-ups”, installation of digital prints and textile sculpture
2012 Alliance Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY, “Daria Dorosh: Chairs: 1982 – 2010”
2010 A.I.R Gallery, NY, Solo Exhibition "Jump-off"
2007 A.I.R. Gallery, NY,, "Daria Dorosh: The Changing Room" mixed media installation, digital prints, and video
2005 Trisolini Gallery, University of Ohio, Athens, OH, "Daria Dorosh: RE-FAB" Clothing ball installation, digital prints, and video
2004 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "Daria Dorosh: Plays Well with Others" Sculpture and multi-media installation with guests
2003 Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Narrowsburg, NY, "SHIFT: dimensional prints and flattened objects”
2001 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "LOOP: digital print and ceramic constructions”
1998 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "Scraps and Shadows"
1995 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "Re-constructions: water sculpture & altered photographs"
1994 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "Between Water and Sand"
1992 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "Sculpture for a City"
1990 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "Fragment, Collision, Material"
1988 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, “Aspects of Place"
1984 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "Daria Dorosh in Collaboration with Architects Harriet Balaran, Elizabeth Diller, Mary Pepchinski, Donna Robertson"
1982 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, “Paintings / Resistant Spaces: Paintings in combination with photographs and chairs"
1980 Harrison Paul Gallery, San Jose, CA, one person show
1980 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, one person show
1978 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, one person show
1976 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, one person show


2012 Dianich Gallery, Brattleboro, VT, Group show
2011 Konsthall, Sandviken, Sweden, ;A.I.R. Gallery, NY “Vestige: traces of reality” 2011 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, “But that’s a different story…” 2010 National Academy of Design Museum, NY, “Abbey Mural Workshop Projects” 2009 Salena Gallery, LIU, NY, “Better Than Ever” 2009 Dishman Art Museum, TX; “Better Than Ever” 2009 Rowan University Art Gallery, Glassboro, NJ, “Better Than Ever” 2008 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, History Show 2008 Krannert Art Museum, IL, “PixelPops 2008: Wide Open” 2008 Apexart, NY, “Scrawl”, curated cell phone videos 2008 SOLO Impression, NY, A.I.R. Print Portfolio 1976
2008 Werkstatte Gallery, NY, A.I.R. Group 1972-1979 2006 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, A.I.R. in Hungary
2006 Putney School, VT, “One True Thing”
2004 SIGGRAPH2004 Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, “Synesthesia"
2004 Museum at FIT, NY, “Schools of Thought”
2003 Seoul, Korea, "Korea Creative Artists Association"
2003 Kunstverein Firma Paradigma, Linz, Austria, "New York Cross-Cut"
2002 New York Hall of Science, NY, traveling to Taranto Gallery, NY, "Digital 2002: Envisioning Time, Space and the Future"
1998 Gallery 128, NY, "50:50"
1998 Canessa Gallery, San Francisco, CA, "A.I.R. Gallery Group"
1998 Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, NY,"25 Years of A.I.R."
1997 Palm Beach C.C. Museum of Contemp. Art, FLA, "Sit on This: The Chair as Art"
1997 Rotterdam, NE, "I.S.E.A. : 9th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Dutch Electronic Art Festival "DEAF '96: Digital Territories"
1996 Valencia Community College, FLA, "Working Relationships"
1996 Pelham Arts Center, NY, "Domestic Curiosities"
1995 Valle d’Aosta, Italy, “Artists’ Meeting”
1994 Lookout Urban Space, NY, “Maquette Exhibit II”
1992 Municipal Art Society, NY, "Design New York"
1990 Columbia University, NY, "Bridging the Gaps: Pedestrian Connections in the City"
1989 The Clocktower Gallery, NY, traveling to Seattle, Los Angeles, Moscow, Leningrad, Minsk, Tashkent, Montreal, "Competition Diomede"
1986 Storefront for Art & Architecture, NY, "Homeless at Home"
1986 Womens’ Caucus for the Arts, NY, "Public Visions / Public Monuments"
1982 Bronx Museum, NY, "Photostart"
1981 Museum of Modern Art, NY, "New Art II: Textures and Surfaces"
1981 Kunsthalle, Lund, Sweden, "A.I.R. Group Show"
1981 San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, CA, "Patterns"
1981 Museum of Modern Art, NY, "Selections from Art Lending"
1981 79 Wall Street Gallery, Southampton, NY, "D.Dorosh / L.Geissler"
1978 Ginza Kaigakan Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, "Group Show"
1978 Bronx Museum, NY, "Personal Visions"
1978 Franklin Marshal College, Lancaster, PA, "Five Artists Changing"
1974 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "Daria Dorosh / Maude Boltz"
1974 Marlboro College, VT, "Watercolor Group"
1973 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "Daria Dorosh / Nancy Kitchel"
1973 American Academy of Arts and Letters, NY, "Purchase Fund Exhibit"
1972 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "Inaugural Group Show"
1972 S.U.N.Y., Fredonia, NY, "Ten Artists ( Who Also Happen to be Women )"


Available on http://vimeo.com/dariadorosh/videos

2008 “Cut it Out”, fashion demo. Sound composed on Wolframtones.
2008 “Night Sounds”, singing frogs and Wolframtones.
2007 “Playing Field”, installation video of 2004 exhibition. Sound by Clilly Castiglia
2007 “The Changing Room”, web cam video. Sound composed on Wolframtones.
2006 Patternwoman, Ohio Version. Video animation resulting from a workshop collaboration led by Daria Dorosh at Ohio University.
2006 Journey, autobiographical animation.
2004 Patternwoman, animation composed for the OmniGlobe, a 60” spherical computer monitor, in collaboration with Ian Epps and Galen Brandt
2003 Shift , video documentary of Daria Dorosh produced by the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Narrowsburg, NY, in conjunction with her one person show, “SHIFT: dimensional prints and flattened objects”
1995 Location Intersection, computer edited video, color & sound, 3 minutes.
A collaboration with Jeep Johnson, available from Printed Matter, NY


2011 Feminism and the Cooperative Model in the Art World, The 99th Annual Conference of the College Art Association, NY, panelist
2011 Re-made in America: examining a future for fashion, American Folk Art Museum, NY, symposium organizer and presenter
2010 Smart Customization Seminar, MIT Design Lab, Cambridge, MA attendee
2010 Fashion’s Night Out, Fashion Lab in Process, American Folk Art Museum, NY
2009 Creating an Alternative Art World, Museum of the City of NY, NY, panelist
2008 User Innovation Seminar, Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA, attendee
2008 Sketching in Hardware 08, RISD School of Design, RI, presenter
2008 DIY manufacture-on-demand, DIGit Media expo, Narrowsburg, NY, presenter
2008 DIY Feminisms from Pioneer to Punk to Post-digital, BMCC, NY, panelist
2008 Material A.I.R.: Substance & Process, DUMBO Arts Center, NY, panelist
2007 The Art of Being Global, College Art Association, NY, presenter
2007 NKS 2007, New Kind of Science Conference, Burlington, VT, presenter
2007 College Art Association, NY, “The Art of Being Global”, presenter
2006 NKS 2006, New Kind of Science Conference, Wash., DC, presenter
2006 DIGit, New Media Festival, Narrowsburg, NY, presenter
2005 “Mediterranian Women and their Rights”, The Fes-Saiss Association and the Centre for Studies and Research on Women, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fes, Morocco, speaker
2004 WPS1.org, Internet Art Radio, interview, Daniel Durning, “Art & Technology”
2004 Siggraph2004, LA, CA, “Plays Well with Others”, OmniGlobe™ video installation and artists’ talk
2004 Pratt Institute, NY, NYC Chapter of Siggraph, “Digital Line and Color”, panelist
2004 Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, “Emerging Partnerships in Education and the Digital Industry”, symposium organizer
2004 Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, Third Annual Professional Roundtable, School of Graduate Studies, panelist
2004 DIGit, Media Arts Expo, Narrowsburg, NY, “New Tools, New Rules” panelist
2003 Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Narrowsburg, NY, “Art in a Digital Age”,
artist talk with exhibition
1998 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "The Digital Print" a 3 week workshop and exhibition for women artists to use the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 2500CP large-format color printer, organizer
1997 College Art Association, NY, " Coops - Urban, Suburban, and Ghetto" panelist
1996 Artists Talk on Art, NY, "Computer Culture: Is there room in the Art world?" panelist
1997 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, " A.I.R.: The Early Years" panel moderator
1996 Memory & Oblivion: XXIXth International Congress of the History of Art, Amsterdam, NE, "Fragmentation and Reconstruction in Contemporary Art" poster presenter
1995 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, "Artists and Environmentalists: a dialogue" panel organizer & participant
1995 A.I.R. Gallery, NYC, , “Feminism: theory in/and practice” organizer and moderator with Amy Schlegel


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2012 View from the Easel, Part 5, published 2/23/12 by Philip A Hartigan,
2012 Concerns from The Second Economy: Daria Dorosh on the Baby Boomer’s Relationship to Technology and Art, published 11/14/12 by Paddy Johnson
2010 Daria Dorosh Upcycles Clothing to Relate Fashion to Digital Culture
published 02/14/10 by Brit Liggett,


2004 ACM Siggraph ‘04 Education Program Proceedings, Los Angeles, Ratava's Line: Emergent Learning and Design Using Collaborative Virtual Worlds . DiPaola, S., Dorosh, D., Brandt, G.
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2011 Art Table, 30th Anniversary, Artist Honors Award, NY
2010 Abbey Mural Workshop Residency, National Academy of Design, NY
2006 DVAA Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Individual Artists Grant
2005 SUNY Chancellors’ Award for Scholarship and Creativity
1988 New York State Council on the Arts, Architecture, Planning, and Design, Sponsored Projects
1986 National Endowment for the Arts, Design Arts


Freddie Mac
Library of Congress, Washington, DC, purchase, Print Collection
Lookout Sculpture Park, PA, permanent sculpture installation, "Barn Slide"
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2004 – present. SMARTlab @UEL, senior researcher.
1972 – present. A.I.R. Gallery, Inc., The first women artists cooperative art gallery and non-profit arts organization in the United States, co-founder
2003 – present. DIGit, the first media arts expo in Narrowsburg, NY, co-founder
2004 – 2005. SafetyNet, a global project that uses the power of new technologies to help stop violence against women and children, board member
1996 – present. College Art Association, member
1997 – present. ACM: Association for Computing Machinery, member