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Liberty #2
2010; Colored pencil and graphite on paper; 8.5” x 5.5”


“Some physicists have proposed that it is the very act of observation that conjures up the hard edges of the familiar world”. “A game is a way of representing the world. Thus, a game transposes systems of values or abstract formal systems into concrete objects.” I am a painter. I am interested in the logic and demands of representation interpreted and transformed within the abstraction of painting. Everything is real, in the sense it can be seen in the world. In much of my work there is a collision of certain aspects of linear perspective and the constantly changing perspective of real space. I use an extreme point of view and radical scale change of images to put pressure on the picture plane and engage and even disorient the viewer. The temporal aspects of painting particularly its ability to present complex pictorial space are extremely important to me. The hand is the instrument that leaves evidence that mediates between the materiality of the object, the painting and the non-materiality of thought. The imagery is layered, context and identification collide and the images are mutable as they position themselves in the interpretive space of the painting. The work uses a visual language that reaches beyond self and sets up criteria that is specific to the form of painting. I create a complex pictorial structure where the viewer is engaged as an active participant. The congruence of things, both formal and subject becomes the image. It shifts and changes and becomes something else as you look at it in time, if you stand in front of the painting. The juxtaposition and the spatial pressure make it odd and remove it from a more coherent idea of what you might look at if you saw something. The positioning of the individual in relation to what they’re looking at determines how they see. That nothing has actuality unless we perceive it. I was trained as an abstract painter and I still make paintings out of that framework. Structure, color, all of those things, forms, come out of that, the geometry of the painting as it is being made. Ideas of space are primary, the construction of space, and the fact that any object is actually contained only in its space. When you move the object, you shift the space. The relationship of planes is the scaffold of the space, where things hit the planes. This matters, because the space in a painting is perceived in relationship to our bodies and the sense of the “up and down” of the gravitational world we live in. The tension in the work is partly built by a consciousness that edge and line have two sides and when you shift one you shift the other. The painting is democratic all parts are dependent on each other. Language is a screen that can stop an actualization of the visual, the sense perception of seeing, and something kinetic. This is why color is such a precious tool of painting the magic of color, and how we see it. It is the one thing that has no real language equivalent. So in painting the language link of color is absent. I build the visual structure with what I call the hands eye. It appears on the page or canvas simultaneously with the act of doing and I don’t name it anything. The changing aspect of vision and our relationship to it is part of my subject. Can I de-familiarize an image, put it back in the world so you re-see it, so we know it again? The painting or drawing stops time and locates a concrete perceptual moment. The painting exists temporally in the viewers present.



237 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014



Yale University, Master of Fine Arts with honors, 1963
Yale University, Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors, 1961
Cooper Union, Certificate, 1959


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