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Handmade Paper, Digital Printing, 2004, 9” x 9” x 2.25”





2013 "Life Line", A.I.R. Gallery, NYC
2010 "Contact", A.I.R. Gallery, NYC
2010 "Congregation: Postcards, Records, Torsos, Masks", Alliance Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY
2010 "Louise McCagg 2000 – 2010", Curator: Tracy Zwick, The Diana Center, Barnard College, NY
2007 "Current Relics", A.I.R. Gallery, NYC
2006 "Between Generations” (with Xanda McCagg") Dana Hall School Gallery, Wellesley, MA
2004 "Face Prints" AIR Gallery, NYC
2004 "First Masks" Consolidated Works, Seattle, WA
2001 "Boxes, Grids, Mazes" A.I.R. Gallery, NYC
2000 "Abacus: Head Count" Saint Peter's Church, NYC
1999 "Louise McCagg: Paper Sculpture" XO Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1998 "5 Projects" AIR Gallery NYC
1998 "Paper to Bronze" AIR Gallery, NYC
1998 "Familiar Faces" Prints Ancient and Modern, E. Lansing, MI
1998 "Masks:Theatrical & Other" Nippon KanTheater, Seattle, WA
1996 "New Sculpture" A.I.R. Gallery, NYC
1996 "Extra" handlung, Hamburg, Germany
1995 "Taken Faces" handlung, Hamburg, Germany
1994 "Westwerk", Hamburg, Germany
1994 "Sculpture" A.I.R. Gallery, NYC
1993 "Profiles" Folyamat Galeria, Bem Rakpart, Budapest, Hungary
1993 "Hungarian Poets" Petöfi Museum of Literature, Budapest, Hungary (catalog)
1984 "New Work: Paper” Two Doors Down Gallery, Lansing, MI
1982 Lyman Allyn Museum, New London, CT
1981 Center for the Creative Arts, Central Michigan University, MI
1978 George Sherman Union Gallery, Boston, MA
1977 75 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC
1976 Rollie McKenna Studio, Stonington, CT
1976 Young Artists Club, Budapest, Hungary
1975 The Ferguson Art Gallery, Simsbury, CT


2013 "The Fifth International Artists’ Book Exhibition", King St. Stephen Museum and City Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2013 "Air Space", group show curated by Marley Blue Lewis and Emma Quaytman. Diana Center, Barnard College, New York
2012 "Anomalistic Revolution", group show curated by Julie Lohnes, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2012 "Wish You Were Here 11", AIR’s annual benefit postcard show, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2012 "Mic: Check (The human mic) Occupy", Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2011 "The Un(framed) Photograph", Curators: Alexander Campos & Doug Beube, The Center for Book Arts, NY
2011 "Vestige", Curator: Jill Conner, Konsthallen Sandviken, Sweden
2011 "Vestige", Curator: Jill Conner, A.I.R. Gallery, NY
2011 "New Traditions in Beauty Queens", Collaboration with Senzeni Marasela, A.I.R. Gallery, NY
2011 "35 Years of Friends of Kresge Acquisitions", Kresge Art Museum, E. Lansing, MI
2011 "Re-turn", The Diana Center, Barnard College, NY
2011 "It's all good! Apocalypse now", Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2010 Budapest Art Fair, 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2010 "EGO Picture", Curator: Imre Bretus, Volksbank Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2010 "Col Tempo A W. Project" Collaboration with Peter Forgacs, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary
2009 "Col Tempo / With Time – The Wastl Project", Collaboration with Peter Forgacs, Hungarian Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Italy
2009 "The World According To... ", Hungarian Cultural Center, New York City
2009 "Col Tempo / With Time – The Wastl Project" Venice Biennale, Hungarian Pavilion, collaboration with Peter Forgacs, Venice, Italy
2008 "A.I.R. Gallery: The History Show,?Archival materials from 1972 to the present", Tracey/Barry Gallery, Bobst Library, New York University, NYC
2008 "A.I.R. Gallery: The History Show,?Works by A.I.R. artists from 1972 to the present", A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2008 Traveling Exhibition "Your Documents Please" Japan, Slovakia, Hungary
2008 "Metaphor Taking Shape: Poetry, Art and the Book" - Yale University Beinecke Library, New Haven, CT
2007 "One True Thing: AIR Gallery at the Putney School", Putney, VT
2007 "Stalin as Sculpture" 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2007 "The War is Over Again" Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2006 "A Show of Heads" Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY
2006 "War is Over" Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2006 "AIR in Budapest" 2 b Gallery, Obuda, Budapestt, Hungary
2006 4th International Artists’ Book Exhibition Székesfehérvár, Hungary
2005 "Book" Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
2005 "Waldsee 1944" Hebrew Union College, NYC (catalog)
2005 "Waldssee 1944" Hungarian Cultural Institute, Berlin, Germany (catalog)
2005 "Pieces 6" 128 Gallery, NYC
2004 "Waldsee 1944" 2B Galleria, Budapest, Hungary (catalog)
2004 "Ninety from the Nineties; a decade of printing" New York Public Library, NYC (catalog)
2003 4th Annual Byrdcliffe Outdoor Exhibition, Woodstock, NY
2003 "The Art of Aging" Hebrew Union College, NYC
2003 "Sculptural Variations in Handmade Paper" Raymond Avenue Gallery, St. Paul, MN
2003 "The Hanger Show" 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2003 "Creative Artists" Kwang Wha Moon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2003 "Fables" Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA
2002 "Fables" Temple University, Rome, Italy
2002 "La Fontaine Project" Aix-en-Provence, France
2002 "Pieces Five" Gallery OneTwentyEight, NYC
2001 "Humanity" Kunsthaus Lempertz, Cologne, Germany
2001 "Exhibiton for RAWA" Gallery OneTwentyEight, NYC
2001 "Art on Hangers" Consulate General of Hungary, NYC
2000 "3rd International Artists’ Book Exhibition" Székesfehérvár, Hungary
2000 "Pieces Four" Gallery OneTwentyEight, NYC
2000 "Louise McCagg -Joan Snitzer" Joaquin Mercado Galéria, San Juan, PR
2000 "Confluences" Five Myles, Brooklyn, NY
2000 "Generations" A.I.R. Gallery, NYC
1999 "Califia Press: Fine Art of Artists' Books" Pence Gallery, Davis, CA
1999 "Material Sensibility" Omni Gallery, Uniondale, NY
1998 "Dobbin Books" Harper Collins Exhibition Space, NYC
1997 "A View from New York Une Percée, New Yorkaise"(with Robbin A. Silverberg & Andras Borocz) Musée Le Chauffaud, Percé, Quebec, Canada
1997 “Generations” A.I.R. Gallery, NYC
1996 "Kostbar + köstlich" BBK Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Germany
1995 "Bodies/Transformations" Testwall, TZ' Art & Company, NYC
1995 "Medium as Metaphor" Omni Gallery, Uniondale, NY
1995 "Dobbin Books" Prieto Art Gallery, Mills College, Oakland, CA
1995 "Under Cover Artists" CPCC Art Gallery, Charlotte, NC
1995 "Eight at A.I.R" A.I.R. Gallery, NYC
1994 "Dobbin Books:The First Three Years" Harper Collins, NYC (catalog)
1994 "The Anthropomorphic Book" Book Arts Gallery, NYC
1993 "International Artists Books" István Király Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary (catalog)
1992 "American Book Art Exhibition" Studio Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (catalog)
1992 "Masks to Monoliths" Eads Gallery, Eads, TN


"Familiar Faces" Bronze, 1999 City of East Lansing, Michigan
"Plaster and Paper Heads" Új Magyar Képtár, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
"Diver in Ring" Aluminum,Wharton Center for the Performing Arts, E. Lansing, MI
"Child's Joy in Water" Aluminum, 1985, Drain Commissioners Building, Mason, MI
Michigan's 1% for public Art
"The Grandmothers" Aluminum, 1981, Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA
"Striding Figure" Aluminum, 1977 Lyman Allyn Museum, New London, CT
"The East Lansing Acrobat" Aluminum, 1978 for the City's Bi-centennial
Kresge Art Museum, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Szent István Király Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
Yale University Library, New Haven, CT
University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
University of California, Stanford, CA
Herron School of Art, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
University of California Library, San Diego, CA
Petöfi Museum of Literature, Budapest, Hungary
The Széchenyi Library, Budapest, Hungary


2010 Masks for "At the Hawk’s Well", Opera by the Fisher Ensemble
2008 Masks for "Moon in the Bucket", Opera by the Fisher Ensemble
2007 Masks and Headgear for "The Passion of Saint Thomas More" by the Fisher Ensemble, Seattle. WA, NYC & Kansas City, MO
2004 Masks for "Dream of Zeus" Consolidated Works
1996 Sculptural Headgear, "Agamemnon", Northwest Festival, On the Boards, Seattle, WA
1996 Sculptural Headgear, "The Passion of St Sebastian", On the Boards Theater, WA
1995 "Four Masks for Alma Mahler-Werfel" Erika Pápai, Thalia Theater, Budapest, Hungary
1995 Headgear, "The Passion of St Thomas More" Church of Blessed Sacrament, Seattle,WA


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1959 B.A. English Literature, Barnard College, NYC
1959-63 Printing and Painting, Art Students League, NYC
1971 M.F.A. Sculpture, Michigan State University, MI