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Memory Nodes (Knotted or Bladder Wrack), 2009, Archival ink on paper, 142 x 160cm


The Memory of Nature / Nature of Memory

Memory and nature have surfaced over and over in my artwork. Sometimes one is more dominant, sometimes the other. However, more often than not they are intertwined, tied together so that one is informing the other. My current endeavour, The Memory of Nature / Nature of Memory, started to take shape about two years ago. I had become very interested in how the physical brain handles memories, how images and ideas are imprinted, retrieved and sometimes lost. I wanted to know something about what was going on inside my head and began researching memory from the perspective of neuroscience.

Not only was I fascinated by the extraordinary images that were being produced in science and medical laboratories, I was also struck by the visual and conceptual parallels between certain natural forms such as, webs, nets, roots, and other parts of plants, and the interior of the brain. To get a better handle on the estimated 100 billion neurons (brain cells), 500 trillion synapses, and the dendrites, axons and nodes in the overall nervous system, I began scanning small plants or parts of plants at high resolution on a flatbed scanner and printing them ten to twenty times their original size. Final images are three to eight feet in each dimension. At this scale, every tiny root, stem, leaf, grain of sand, or strand of entangled fish line presents itself in vivid immediacy–so “real” as to seem unreal and even alien.

The process begins with selecting natural or found materials from beaches, dunes, my backyard, or elsewhere. I gravitated more and more to algae and other aquatic plants as well as miniscule phytoplankton and zooplankton. They not only have the physical characteristics that make them vivid metaphors for the brain and nervous system, but they, like the brain, are difficult to examine, since they lie submerged under water. Each sample or specimen is very small, usually fitting in the palm of my hand, or about 3 or 4 inches in each direction. The specimens are laid directly on the glass surface of a flatbed scanner so that their natural complexity, chaos, and organic structure are shown to best advantage. By nature, they are relatively flat, and the hinged cover of the scanner allows room for those that may have a thickness of 1/2 inch or so. The seaweeds are sometimes scanned while still wet and sometimes I allow them to dry so that different aspects of the plant can be revealed. Dirt, sand, debris and water are often part of the finished image. The natural complexity and organic disorder of most of the subject matter is counterbalanced by a grid: the large images are printed in sections, usually 18 x 12 inches, but sometimes smaller, then framed and then hung edge-to-edge on the wall.




Selected One, Two, & Three Person Shows
2012 "Memory of Nature," Galatea Fine Art, Boston
2011 "Mindsets, version 2: Carnie, Gips, and Walker," Living/Learning Gallery, University of Vermont
2010 "Mindsets: Carnie, Gips, and Walker," Montpelier Art Center, Laurel MD
2010 "Sheep of Many Colors," Sarah Doyle Gallery, Brown University (solo show)
2004 "While Shepherds Watched..." installation, Wellfleet (MA) Public Library (solo show)
2000 "Dolly's Dilemma: Part II," (3 artists) Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI
1998 "Nature and the Grid," Troyer Fitzpatrick Lassman Gallery, Washington, DC
1995 "Crisis of Memory," (3 artists) Holtzman Gallery, Towson (MD) State University,
1993 "Mnemosyne's Dream," Harmony Hall Regional Art Center, Fort Washington, MD
1990 "Architecture and Memory," Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, MN
1990 Light Work Gallery, Syracuse
1988 Exposure Gallery, Orleans, MA
1986 Aberdeen Gallery, Washington, DC
1985 Colburn Gallery, University of Vermont, Burlington
1984 School of Art Gallery, University of Denver
1983 Project Arts Center, Cambridge, MA
1982 AVA Gallery, Hanover, NH
1980 First Branch Gallery, Chelsea, VT
1977 "Heart Is Where the Home Is," 112 Workshop/112 Greene Street, NYC
1974 Picker Gallery, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

Selected Group Shows
2012 A.I.R. National and International Members, (April), Brooklyn
2012 “Wild Things,” Cotuit Center for the Arts, Cotuit, MA
2011 New England Collective II, Galatea Fine Art, Boston
2011 Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Juried show
2011 Spring Invitational, Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown,
2011 "Appearances," Provincetown Green Arts Festival, Center for Coastal Studies Marine Lab
2011 "A woman=s work is never done," A.I.R. National and International Artists (January) Brooklyn
2011 So Big! Cotuit Center for the Arts, Cotuit, MA
2010 Spring Invitational, Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown
2010 "New Media," Provincetown Art Association and Museum
2010 "Water," Cape Cod Maritime Museum, Hyannis, curator and artist
2009 "Water," Wellfleet Public Library & Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Sanctuary, curator and artist
2009 "Massachusetts Artists," Brush Art Gallery, Lowell MA, juried by Nick Capasso, Curator, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Center
2008 "Images of War," Castle Hill, Truro, MA, curated by Daniel Heyman (1st prize)
2008 "Works on Paper," Juried by Charlotte Kotik, Long Beach Island (NJ) Foundation of the Arts
2008 "Catastrophe," Atlantic Gallery, NYC
2008 "Blue," Provincetown Art Association and Museum
2007 Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown
2007 "Digital Transitions," Louise and Bernard Palitz Gallery, NYC
2006 "Digital Transitions," Light Work Gallery, Syracuse
2006 "Small Miracles," Atlantic Gallery, NYC
2002 "While Shepherds Watched..." installation in AVisions 2002" Newport (RI)
2001 "Arts and Environment: Making the Green," Woodstock, VT
2000 "Generations: A Survey of Women Artists at the Millennium," AIR Gallery, NYC
2000 "Dolly's Dilemma: Part I," Faculty Show, University of Maryland
1997-8 University of Maryland Faculty, traveling exhibition, Poland
1997 "Historic and Contemporary Photographs of China," Kathleen Ewing Gallery, Washington DC
1996 Multimedia Installation with dancers and musicians, University of Maryland

1995 "Washington Women Photographers," Beijing, China
1995 "Images of China," George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
1993 Arlington Art Center, Arlington, VA
1991 Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC
1991 Friends of Photography, Ansel Adams Center, San Francisco
1991 Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis
1989 District of Columbia Art Center, Washington, DC, Four-person Show
1989 University of Oregon Museum of Art, Eugene (Traveled throughout US during 1990-1991)
1988 "Art... Made in USA," Stadtishe Gallery, Regensburg, West Germany
1988 Invitational Group Show, AIR Gallery, NYC
1986 Philadelphia Print Club, (Seven artists)
1986 Brattleboro Museum and Art Center
1983 Port of History Museum, Philadelphia
1979 112 Workshop/112 Greene Street, NYC
1975 Fleming Museum, University of Vermont

Exhibitions Curated
2009-10 “Water” Wellfleet Public Library & Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Sanctuary; Cape Cod Maritime Museum, Hyannis
1999 "Close Enough: Photography by David Seymour (Chim)," The Art Gallery, University of Maryland
1997 “Terra Firma: Susan Brenner, Nancy Fried, Lorna Simpson, Kiki Smith, Faith Wilding, and Barbara Zucker,” The Art Gallery, University of Maryland
1996 “Willem de Looper/Retrospective Exhibition 1966-1996,” The Art Gallery, University of Maryland
1995 "The Digital Village," (Richard Bolton, Alan Dunning, Lynn Hershman, Manual, Christine Tamblyn, Joan Truckenbrod), The Art Gallery, University of Maryland in collaboration with the Corcoran Gallery of Art
1994 "Significant Losses: Artists Who Have Died from AIDS, (Alfonzo, Alvarez, Brunelle, Burton, Fani-Kayode, Fincham, Gonzalez, Greene, Haring, Hujar, Jaeger, Kellard, Mapplethorpe, Thek, Wojnarowicz), The Art Gallery, University of Maryland
1993 "Art/Nature/Society: Selections from the Permanent Collection," The Art Gallery, University of Maryland
1992 “Cracks in the House: New Washington Photography,” District of Columbia Art Center
1983 Curator, "Books and Poets," for the State Art Exposition, Mount Snow, VT
1978 Curator, "Granite Artists and Their Work," two-part exhibition shown jointly at the First Branch Gallery and the Barre Granite Association Office Building, Barre, VT
1977-80 Founder, Director, and Curator, First Branch Gallery, Chelsea, VT (Curated and installed about 40 exhibitions)

National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC
Light Work, Syracuse, NY
Picker Gallery, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
State of Vermont
Private Collections

Fellowships and Awards
2010 Visual Arts Sea Grant, University of Rhode Island
1993, 1990 University of Maryland Creative & Performing Arts Award
1990 Artist-in-Residence, Light Work Gallery, Syracuse
1989, 85, 84 Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Residency
1986 National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artists Fellowship

Yale University, Master of Architecture, 1971; also studied photography with Walker Evans, Paul Caponigro, and others.
Cornell University, BS, 1967

2000-present Working artist, Independent Curator, Web and Print Design for Arts & Cultural Organizations
1984-2000 University of Maryland, Assist. to Assoc. Prof., 1984-2000
1992-1999 Director and Curator, The Art Gallery, University of Maryland
1980-1984 University of Vermont, Department of Art
1975-1980 Goddard College, Fine Arts & Feminist Studies.
1972-1974 Colgate University, Fine Art Department