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Painting Installation 2010 84in(H) x 114in(L) as installed; painting alone 60in(H) x 84in(L)


I am interested in the idea of “travel” in many senses of the word--of our attraction to the unknown, the fragmentary, the imperfect, and the incomplete, and conversely our attraction to beauty and the nature of the sublime in the face of today’s society. All are quite foreign to us. Over time, what was once resolutely clear has become unknown or buried beneath years of mistranslations, recombinations, and over or under exaggerations.

In my work, I utilize the suggested remains of physical, tangible forms in historical artifacts and ruins, which exist but are incomplete in order to build an alternate world that appears to exist but does not. It is interesting today how we flock to ruins of past ages to consider our identity in relation to time. In this way, we consider life in relation to death and work to draw the line of life back in connecting ourselves to the earth. There are roots and routes that can be drawn, documenting both our line of travel from place to place, but also our line from present to past existence. These lines move in patterns as we rise up and out of the landscape and back down again to become one with it. It is as though we are leaping ever towards some unknown, a progressive distancing from origin. This distancing is a fantasy realm of invented and imagined spaces that have only partial basis in the real.

Today people travel in many different ways and for many different reasons. We create our own reality by going to a different place, working to find a new sense of self and security in a new place. We may travel to an actual place, but our eyes and minds build this place into a fantasy realm as we imagine the unknown that we experience. We also travel virtually and take on the alternative identity of an avatar to become a “foreign body” which can morph in various ways as one moves from site to site. Through travel, we become a hybrid of ourselves and part of an artificial or imagined reality that we feel connected to. The ruin becomes a metaphor for this hybrid reality. It is real, but fragmented, open to interpretation of what it “might have been” and symbolic of a new kind of overpowering external vastness.

This concept of an alternative sublime reality can be seen throughout my work in painting through a complex layering of space. Patterns are printed in an underlying rhythm of color and transparency, a suggestion of the “supersensible substrate” underlying nature. Kant states that “the Judgment makes possible the transition from the realm of the concept of nature to that of the concept of freedom.” Today, the sense of the sublime in nature still exists, but is mis- or re-interpreted by the multitude of contemporary media and technology. Media space becomes a part of this new sublime with its own substrate creating a base for hyper-realities. Today this past and present collide to form a new sense of judgment and restrained freedom.

In my work, the reality of the ruin is digitally morphed, recombined, and then transposed onto the surface to form a suggested space. A lone figure or two floats over an environment that is both expansive and emotionally weighted. Lines and cords form lyrical movement and a suggested dialog of histories clashing. Shapes of light and abstraction are instances of transference. There is an overall sense of the internal fantasy melded with an external reality. The result is a view of reinvented histories, of fantastically completed fragments brought together into an idealized world that is part natural and part fabrication. There is a flow from reality into fantasy, expressing a contemporary understanding of life today lived amongst the ruins of the near and distant past. The two come together into a physical otherness of altered identity, place, and time.





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2002 MFA, Major: Painting [with Honors], Minor: Sculpture, University of Iowa, Iowa City.