A.I.R. GALLERY - Celebrating 40 years of advocating for women in the visual arts.
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April 3 - 27, 2014
Opening Reception:
Thursday, April 3rd 2014, 6pm - 9:00pm

Gallery I. Susan Bee

Gallery II. Petey Brown

Fellowship Gallery Amelia Marzec

May 1 - 25, 2014
Opening Reception:
Thursday, May 1, 2014, 6pm - 9:00pm

Gallery I. Ann Pachner

Gallery II. Maude Boltz

Fellowship Gallery Jayanthi Moorthy

May 29 - June 22, 2014
Opening Reception:
Thursday, June 5, 2014, 6pm - 9:00pm

Gallery I. Maxine Henryson

Gallery II. Iris Goldstein

Fellowship Gallery Susan Stainman