Moving forward, 2018, acrylic paint and colored pencil on Mylar, 14X17”


Artist Statement

I start from a place of not knowing where I’m headed. Working on several sheets of Mylar at once, I begin with whatever caught my attention that day; spraying the outline of a paper stencil or making quick marks into wet paint; I plunge into the work. I exploit the translucent quality of this material so that, lines, and textures may remain visible through layering. Shapes and patterns migrate from one piece to another as I cut and shift things from here to there, trying to keep the process active and in constant flux.

Progress is slow. Gradually the work unfolds, the ordinary beginnings become something else, and clarity arrives. A sequence of collaged paintings emerges, surprising me with unexpected associations; a series of pictorial haiku.

Capturing transient, fragile moments is at the heart of my work. The poet Billy Collins says: “I like to think of the haiku as a moment-smashing device out of which arise powerful moments of dazzling awareness. But I also like to think of it as something to do while walking the dog.” So do I.


Past Group Exhibitions:
Wish you were here, 2015