Traverse 2, 2019
Oil on canvas, 68” x 64” x 1.5”


Artist Statement

With Stratus Lift, an ongoing series, my reverence for moving through landscapes and capturing highlights is encapsulated. I use multiple abstract templates and drawings to evoke landscapes in motion. My photo references range from disaster sites to expansive cityscapes along with more natural and remote large scale landscapes. I look for distinctions between the structures to meld, merge, and splice forms together.

My art practice consists of seeking essences from objects or experiences in the real world. The merger of philosophy and science, form and function, has a significant influence on me. I work in series, setting up a general set of constraints or concepts so I can freely and intuitively produce paintings. My work has always had a focus on nature, and abstraction offers an expansive mode through which to visualize the world we live in. With the rise of technology, abstract reasoning is second nature to all of us. Inherent structures have become more abstract and complex, and I wonder how viewing art might further activate our intellect to understand our contemporary circumstances.


Past Group Exhibitions:
Who Cares?, 2017
New Art In An Old House, 2016
Wish you were here, 2015