Stratus 1, 2018, Oil on Canvas 52" x 50"


Artist Statement

Stratus Mesh and Levels are two ongoing series of abstract oil paintings. With Stratus Mesh, compositions feel more like flowing landscapes. Organic shifting shapes, some muted others colorful, evoke expansive mobile structures. In Levels, the paintings become more geometric and architectural in approach, a scaffolding arrangement of simple forms that focus and dissolve with more emphasis on vertical balances.

In both series, there is a play with linear structures and fragmented images from many sources. They are collage experiments using overlaid drawings, some parts are colored and other parts are toned down or erased. They are reconfigured to make an image that is spatial with combinations of visualizations of the concept of rise and fall. Within dissimilar forms the images build and fall apart in layers and then fall back together again. This unplanned process evolves over a span of time. Slowly, the once disordered sets meld together into images that evoke a subtle sensibility with lyrical structure through an intuitive open-ended approach to resolve.


Past Group Exhibitions:
Who Cares?, 2017
New Art In An Old House, 2016
Wish you were here, 2015