Work to Do, 2016, Pastel on paper, 60 x 60 inches


Artist Bio
Karasek has exhibited in one person and group exhibitions in New York, Europe, Canada, and cities through out the United States. Since 1987 she has focussed on making sculpture which has been exhibited in local, national, and international sculpture festivals as well as galleries, museums and permanent collections.
Karasek builds large outdoor sculptures from wood. copper, parts of trees, gold leaf, slate and mixed media. She has also used boats and other objects that she builds or finds.
Sculptures for indoor exhibition are fabricated from parts of trees, tar, metal screen, and galvanized objects. These sculptures measure up to 10 feet in one direction, and sometimes incorporate brief video projections.  Karasek writes: “I have been working with branches and parts of trees because of their complex curves and animated shapes. I combine them with galvanized objects and metal screen to make intricate and dynamic volumes. The video is projected onto and into the objects. The moving projection adds a brief non-narrative sequence of images painting the surfaces of the sculptures with color and associations. The cogence of the work derives from the careful combinations of contradictory references and forms. The viewer sees relationships that are familiar, sometimes whimsical, and glued together by the informal logic of human consciousness.”
Karasek also produces drawings on slate, velvet, and paper of various sizes. The largest drawings are wall hangings combining aluminum screen, paint and heavy upholstery velvet. Up to 10 feet in height, they function as abstract drawings and schematics for fanciful sculptures that can only exist in the imagination of the viewer. Slate is cracked, cut, and reassembled to incorporate the wall into the drawing.


Past Solo Exhibitions:
Woman Living In Her Kitchen Floor, 2016

Past Group Exhibitions:
Who Cares?, 2017
New Art In An Old House, 2016
Unframed, 2015
If These Walls... II, 2015
Pumping Up The Volume At A.I.R., 2014
If These Walls..., 2014