Dani Dodge, Fugitive Love Song 1-51, 2017


Artist Statement
Working with themes surrounding identity, forgiveness and social justice, Dodge creates immersive, interactive environments and installations that incorporate video, paint and performance. She also recently began creating work in the streets.
Her social practice work often straddles the line between activism and performance, the tangible and the ephemeral. It is linked to relational aesthetics and other community-based work since it’s often site-specific and can require audience engagement.
Dodge’s interactive installations confront emotion. They invite people to write, to burn, to tear, to throw. They require participants to reveal. Although the installations often can read like a surreal stage set, the actors within them are participants reciting their own stories and finding their own truths.
Her work outside of the walls of galleries and museums is generally guerilla in nature and positive in intent.
Dodge lives and works in Los Angeles, California.




Past Solo Exhibitions:
Fugitive Love Song, 2017

Past Group Exhibitions:
Gathering Differences, 2017
In The Secret Garden, 2016
Transformed Viewpoints, 2015
A.I.R. ReFreshed, 2015

Liminal Communities, 2014