aelf II, 2012
Digital archival print, gouache, ink, 22 x 30 inches


Artist Statement
Collage can be characterized as a methodology. But it is also a philosophical approach to creating art. I do not use any single medium or follow any tradition. I like to think of my work as de-centered and disruptive to any of the traditional methodologies involved in any one media.
My practice draws on all the disciplines and equates all of them. The art exists in the borderlands between media; it embraces and renounces at the same time. The work lies between the traditional and non-traditional, representational and non-representational, the artificial and the natural.
I like working in the spaces between things because it is the only place to locate meaning; nothing exists unless it is in relationship to something else.


Past Group Exhibitions:
Gathering Differences, 2017
Transformed Viewpoints, 2015