Midnight Afternoon, hand embellished mixed media monoprint, 32” x 48”cut irregularly along border.


Artist Statement
My work brings disparate elements together. I continually invent systems that choose connection over division and methods that allow outside influence to determine parts of the outcome as my working strategy.  Involving other people and outside influences helps me develop broader perspectives and invites in elements of chance. For example, the black and white Rhizome Mind Map drawings included in this portfolio are infused with ideas from people I interviewed about whether they believe there is an energy-field/substructure that unifies the physical world of matter. In response, they drew, wrote and described for me their own visions and concepts which I translated into a series of interconnected drawings.
I consider myself primarily a painter but I work across an array of media including digital and traditional printmaking, installation, performance, sculpture, and drawing. Even in conceptual projects like the No Safe Place gun culture project which has engaged me for over five years, it is important for me to make material objects that can draw an audience into a non-verbal sensual experience in a similar way that a painting can. In the work presented in this submission, I used a range of different media and application processes including spray painting, digital image manipulation, hand cut stencils, sketchbook drawings, foil burnishing, silkscreen and a vocabulary of painterly language from art history.  The variety of materials and range of broad application techniques represent the lush, diversified and intricate nature of human experience.