My work is concerned with place, and many of the pieces, like aerial-view maps, describe landscape from above. I am interested in the ways landscape shifts -- geologically and visually -- as people move into it.   My work explores these accommodations between meandering, organic lines – rivers, mountains, clouds and shorelines -- and the straight lines that people make -- roads, houses, fields, jet-trails, latitude and longitude.   I began with a love of architecture -- much of my early work focused on the house-form as a metaphor for the self, and the idea gradually expanded to encompass the landscape itself and all that it contains:  the self within the house within the land.

My current work combines wood (both milled wood and found wood – vines, especially the invasive bittersweet that grows near my studio) and other materials – fiber, paper, wire, metal meshes, wire and so on.  Some of the pieces are about pure color, seen through textures of pigment or yarns. Large wall-pieces suggest narratives in space, landscapes that one could move through, a visual narrative of going from here to there.  A group of small fiber pieces suggests vessels inscribed with maps or three-dimensional landscapes.