Landlines, 2007, Painted wood and vine, paper, Mylar, 120" x 35" x 8"


Artist Statement

My early work grew from an interest in architecture and centered on the house-form. Over time, this view expanded to encompass the house within its larger landscape and elements within the landscape itself, plus maps, photographs and suggestions of narrative. My current work plays with this overlap of place and narrative, especially with the idea of moving through space and time -- of going from here to there. In the larger pieces, suggestions of a storyline are built into the structure -- so that, as in a horizontal scroll,
the viewer travels through the piece to follow a narrative.

Much of my recent work includes bits of aerial-view landscape from my own photographs and from survey maps. My interest is in the play between the organic lines of rivers, hills and shorelines, and the man-made marks of roads and fields, and what might happen if one traveled across the land from here to over there. The work itself is constructed of a variety of materials, including milled wood, curved bittersweet vines cut from the woods around my house, wire, fiber, paper and Mylar, with acrylic paint.


Past Solo Exhibitions: Past Group Exhibitions:
What Goes, What Stays: New Constructions, 2017
Family Stories: New Constructions, 2014