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I tend to work with materials that I have in excess and on hand. I visually document shared space, time, memories and experiences with media from fabrics to found objects. In my studio practice, I continue to develop new work, for the last 5 years I’ve been developing series using food coloring and unconventional spray-painting methods, on a variety of surfaces. I founded and direct Ground Floor Gallery + Studios, a non-commercial gallery and studio collective which participates in Arts & Music @ Wedgewood/Houston on the first Saturday night of every month.

These images are an extension of a series called UnWinding Sheets. I began creating non-representational busts/portraits with food coloring left over from my daughter’s kindergarten project and after a major household move left me with a bunch of large paper pads. I have continue this series as I finally found the source of the paper and gotten a distributor to sell to me. I start with the basic head and shoulders structure and unknown faces emerge from these lifeless, linen-like paper pads. Features develop as the coloring puddles or runs. I use a layering process that includes several spray applications and airbrushing.

A cast of characters unfurls from this paper that once wrapped and protected all my fragile household items. Some have names, some speak of their past, while others merely echo precautionary statements.