Untitled #12, 2015, Graphite on prepared paper


Artist Statement
Mystery cannot be reduced to details, it’s a whole which envelops all.
(Magdalena Abakonovicz)

My work, mostly drawings and photos on different media, is a lighthearted reflection on the process of growth and decay, evidently prompted by my own experience of it. Again and again I walked through a city park and looked at leaves changing shape, drying out and dissolving. At the same time, I collected seeds which I planted and subsequently observed germinating.
Observing the process of growth, fall and decay, one is confronted with a wide array of evolving forms whose beauty and complexity I just wanted to reveal and highlight. Through drawings and with the help of macro-photography, it became apparent that these forms had an invariant quality that also belonged to multiple objects, at multiple scales, from the simplest to the most complex.
Germinating bean seeds morph into human fetuses, decaying banyan leaves into coastlines, skeletons and wings. A closer look at a pterocarpus seed suggests brains, veins, roots. The shadows of a leave fragment suggest flowers or birds. The section of the stem of a banyan leave reminds constellations of stars. And all this ultimately forces a deeper realization: that the very process and forms of growth and decay, of leaves as of people, are embedded in a larger whole whose reality remains their only, yet mysterious, sense. 



Past Solo Exhibitions: 
In & Out, 2016
Time And Shadows, 2012