In my work I am concerned with being a woman, growing up female, and the female body. My work is about identity, young girls, the state of innocence, and woman. These paintings are developed through interrelating, layering, and repetition of images from my drawings and from paintings in art history as well as other art forms such as earth works. Xeroxes which are painted with oil bars are used along with drawn transferred figures, objects and symbols.

I have used images from Botticelli especially the Venus figure, Artemisia Gentileschi, namely, Susanna from Susanna and the Elders, Gilbert and George, and recently Smithson's Spiral Jetty, to name a few. Through the juxtaposition of the figure from the past and present together with symbols, a more unique view of the body and women results which relies on personal associations rather than on outwardly descriptive imagery.