Secrets of the Miarianna Trench, 2015, Mixed media on canvas, 48 x 60 inches


Artist Statement
My work is an investigation of the qualities of balance, empathy and open mindedness.
As women, our empowerment can paradoxically detach us from the love and security we desire. One side we fall to the judgement of the insecure who attempt to place us in a convenient box and on the other side we fall to submissiveness.
We need balance between the origin of male and female. Not the balance of self and self-defined externally - lest we fall to the violence brought before us.
I paint with intent alongside spontaneity and it is important to me that the energy that I feel while I create art is evident in the final piece. The result of the unexpected variations invites the viewer to experience the variable nature of my painting process. I also hope to offer the opportunity to use one's own imagination while experiencing these pieces. I continue to learn a from the act of painting itself. But I also succumb to the notion that I am but a vessel trough which creativity flows; putting down on the canvas the images that exist in the universe but and have yet to be physically realized."
My newest pieces which contain combinations of video, painting, music, choreography and/or poetry are the beginning of my life's work; the integration of multiple mediums necessary to express life's complex beauty. 


Past Group Exhibitions:
Gathering Differences, 2017
Razzle Dazzle, 2016