Sareh Imani,Kindred Stitches (Installation view), 2018, Three channel video installation, stereo sound,loop, cacti, plaster, custom designed wallpaper, 144” x 96” x 12”.

Sareh Imani

Artist Statement

I am an Iranian artist based in Brooklyn, and my interdisciplinary work incorporates video installation, performance, and collaborations. I am interested in the reparative potentials of art and science, intimacy and distance, instructions and poetics. My work explores fragmentation and integration, using both the human body as a nexus for being made whole, as well as the role of collective memory and social change. Kindred Stitches is an ongoing collaborative project between me, my parents and plants as non-human actors, in which I address the notions of parenting and gardening, aging and repair, through a multi-layered narrative.