In collaboration with Yvette Drury Dubinsky
Radish Event, 2018, lithographic monoprint with ink and watercolor,



Artist Statement
The work is inspired by the watery world, the landscape, and the textures that surround my studio in Truro.

It is the artist’s job to bring hope to the world even if it springs from the smallest places, (like the exquisitely delicate and varied lichen in the cemetery or the bleached white whale bones next to the purple sky). It’s my feeling that we need this hope now more than ever.

Working with Yvette to create collaborative monoprints brought trust that our thoughts and ideas would mingle and guide the project to completion. Sharing the inevitable joys and mysteries made for an intensely creative experience and a body of work reminiscent of our walks and discussions.


Past Group Exhibitions: 
Gathering Differences, 2017
Wish You Were Here, 2016