Victoria Manganiello, Untitled #102 & Untitled #103, 2018, Natural and Synthetic Fiber, Artist Frame, 62 x 30 x 3.5 in.


Artist Statement

Our relationship with textile is innately intimate and while different cultures have ascribed varying meanings to their textiles, the essence of the experience is the same no matter who you are. Cloth is an incredible equalizer and is perhaps the one thing that we all share. But the unique equality of cloth is no longer so unique. Our relationship with technology has recently become dominant in this equalizing function. Whether it be the dislocation within society, or the empowerment of disconnected communities, the varying ways in which we interact with technologies (both for good and for bad) are being questioned now more than ever before. Perhaps understanding the history of these technologies can help us consider technologies for the future.

Exploring the intersections between materiality, space, philosophy and storytelling, my installation work, abstract paintings and performances are made with hand-woven textiles using hand-spun yarn and hand-mixed natural and synthetic color dyes. These labor-intensive and monotonous processes subliminally act as connectors to all the cultures on the map, current and past that have, uniquely, yet simultaneously developed textile techniques across space yet I am using them to make abstract contemporary art.

By utilizing the genre of installation, these artworks create a space for viewers to find themselves within- between locations- questioning the relationship between where both they and we came from, where they are going and where we belong. Knowledge of the future is never provided at the start, yet we can understand that there is a direction to our histories.