January 4 - February 4, 2018 


AYÇA CEYLAN, ''Bir, İki, Üç Tıp...,'' 2012, video performance, 7.43mn. Courtesy of the artist.

AYÇA CEYLAN, ''Bir, İki, Üç Tıp...,'' 2012, video performance, 7.43mn. Courtesy of the artist.

Abortion. Roe v. Wade. Again. A burning, controversial subject that divides us. For years we took having control over our bodies for granted. Now we can’t. Did you have one? Do you know someone who did? Was it legal? Did someone you knew die as the result of an illegal abortion? Or, were their bodies so screwed up afterward that they could not have children when they wanted them? Do you have remorse? Did you tell anyone about it? What is the definition of pro life anyway? Aren’t we all pro life? Are you against abortion? For abortion? Express your rage or your acceptance, your sorrow, your ambivalence, your thoughts: tell them in visual prose, video, photography, painting, mixed mediums, sculptures, prints, performance. As abortion is a subject that has been kept hidden, it is possible that a vast amount of completed work about it does not exist. Applicants have the opportunity to create new and vital images that will make an important contribution to our collective history.

Many of the battles men and women waged, battles we thought were won and done, have, over time, come galloping back in full force to be won or lost again. If there is a lesson to be learned, it is that the important fights are never over. Abortion is one of the most inflammatory and urgent issues that face us now. This is a moment to examine, analyze and give voice to this painful, relevant subject.*

*For an excellent, in depth review of abortion in the twenty-first century see: Marcia Angell, “The Abortion Battlefield”, pp. 8 - 12. The New York Review of Books, June 22, 2017, Vol. LXIV, Number 11

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Barbara Zucker, artist, writer and activist, is a co-founder of  A.I.R. Gallery, where she had her first one-person exhibition in  1972. Her curatorial work includes “Object Lessons,” “Aftermath,”  “In a Field with No Bounds,” “Absolute Cow,” and “The Mating  Habits of Lines: Sketchbooks and Notebooks of Ree Morton”  (with Janie Cohen). She has also curated numerous exhibitions  at The Francis Colburn Gallery while a professor at The  University of Vermont. Zucker has written essays, reviews, and  articles for Art in America, The Village Voice, Art News, Heresies, The Art Journal, M/E/AN/I/N/G, Hyperallergic, and Painters on Paintings. Her work has been shown in such venues as Robert Miller Gallery, PPOW, DC Moore, Artists Space, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, The New Museum, ICA Boston, MCA Chicago, ICA Philadelphia, The Sculpture Center, The American Academy for Arts and Letters, The Aldrich Museum, The Jewish Museum, Moore College of Art, Fine Arts Center, U. Mass., The Queens Museum of Art, Tufts University Art Gallery, The Fleming Museum of Art, Artpark, Creative Time, and The Fabric Workshop.

- All media, including painting, photography, prints, drawing, works on paper, new media, sculpture, mixed media, traditional or non-traditional materials are welcome.
- There is no size limit on artwork.
- Please note that installations will ONLY be accepted if they have been completed. NO PROPOSALS will be accepted.

- All work accepted for the exhibition must arrive at the gallery framed and/or ready to hang/install.
- Work may be shipped via FedEx/UPS or hand-delivered to A.I.R. Gallery
- Return postage MUST BE provided for shipped work.

- A $35 non-refundable entry fee for 1 - 3 images OR 1 video submission (price will increase to $40 after September 1, 2017)
- An additional $5 for each extra image (up to 3 extra images allowed, 6-image limit)

- 72dpi, JPG, RGB files only.
- Longest side of image must be 1000 pixels.
- Each image may not exceed 1MB and 1000 pixels in any direction.
- Images MUST be oriented properly (ex: top of the image is up).
- File name MUST not include first or last name (this is a blind review).

- Videos may not exceed 5 minutes in length.
- Videos may be a 5 minute clip of your full video OR up to 3 separate video clips within a 5 minute video.