Each year A.I.R. Gallery’s Fellowship Program supports the burgeoning careers of six emerging and underrepresented women artists. In 2009, A.I.R. Gallery named one yearly A.I.R. Fellowship Program Seat in memory of the artist, activist, writer, and feminist Emma Bee Bernstein (1985-2008). In recognition of Emma’s significant contributions as a young artist, the youngest A.I.R. Fellowship Recipient receives the honor of holding the A.I.R. Emma Bee Bernstein Fellowship.

Each fellowship seat cost $12,000 a year and is only partially funded by government grants.  Your individual contribution to the A.I.R. Emma Bee Bernstein Fellowship Fund makes a significant impact on the continuation of this program. Your support over the years has meant so much to A.I.R. Gallery and it’s because of generous gifts from donors like you that we are able to provide support to women all over the country.

View the 2017-18 Emma Bee Bernstein Fellow, Aya Rodriguez-Izumi, here.

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A.I.R. Gallery would like to thank its donors to the 2016 Emma Bee Bernstein Fellowship for Emerging and Underrepresented Women Artists for their generous contributions:

Peggy Moon
Roselyn Abrahams
Molly Sullivan
Rosiemarie Waldrop
Susanna Heller
Charles North
Ann Schaumburger
Leslie Gross
Gifford Foundation
Monrad Sullivan
Susan Wheeler
Martin Diamond
Bob Holman
Julia Kim-Smith
Elke Solomon
Kat Griefen
Erica Stoller
Susan Howe
Ferris Olin
Mary Grigoriadis
Pat Lasch
Joan Snyder
Susan Bee
Eileen Tabios
David Reed
Nancy Manter
Sherry Bernstein
Jesse Huntley-Ausubel
Maureen Owen
Rhonda Urdang
Fran Kornfeld
Susan Vonschlegell

Emma Bee Bernstein, self-portrait from "Untitled (Unique Color Polaroids)," 2003 - 2007. Color Polaroid, 4 × 3.5 inches