Sep 7 – Oct 8 2017
I. Chromophore, an exhibition of new paintings by N.Y. member Joan Snitzer is a continuation of Snitzer's ongoing pursuit to express the poetic and dynamic relationship between our histories and our current visual surrounding
II.  Four Weeks and Forty-Five Years, a series of of micro-exhibitions, each dedicated to a work or small set of works from a single artist who has been part of the gallery’s 45-year history including works by Rachel bas-Cohain, Christine Gedeon, Kazuko, and Tenesh Weber. 
III. On the Other Side: Collaborative works by Patty Smith and Claire Fouquet duo show considering the sufering and triumphs of migrants, while also reflect on the contributions made by newcomers to the layers of historical, cultural, and experiential landscape. 

October 12 – Nov 12 2017
I. Beyond the Bed Covers organized by N.Y. member Laura Petrovich Cheney will examine how quilts and quilting have evolved beyond their functionality, to be an expressive art form constructed of a variety of materials practiced by all gender forms. The exhibition will include works by: Rachel Farmer, Ariel Jackson, Faith Ringgold, Luke Haynes, Kim Fox, and more. 
II. Nancy Storrow, N.Y. Member Drawings.
III. Dani Dodge National Member, video and sculpture exhibition.

November 16 – Dec 17, 2017
I. Susan Stainman solo exhibition.
II Mimi Oritsky, paintings.
III. The exhibition (Our love is) Unbroken by Bars curated by Katie Fuller will examine the bonds between mothers and the children they gave birth to while incarcerated through the work of artists Jess X. Chen, in order to strip away dehumanizing stereotypes and work towards understanding and a shared humanity.