Terms and Conditions

A.I.R. Gallery is a non-profit arts organization that supports the work of women artists. Any artist or entrant that does not comply with these rules and/or guidelines may be excluded from participation.  A.I.R. reserves the right to exclude any entry or applicant for any reason.

All artists over the age of 18, working in any media are welcome to apply.  This opportunity is open to male, female and trans artists.  Art professionals will travel to studios within a reasonable distance from A.I.R. Gallery.  Ideally studios should be within approx. 10 miles from the gallery and reachable by public transportation.  Studio visits will last approximately 45 minutes, the exact time will be at the discretion of the visiting professional.

If the artist does not have a studio or if the artist’s studio is outside of the boundaries of travel for the visitors please contact the gallery at least 30 days prior to the scheduled studio visit.  In some situations it may be possible for A.I.R. Gallery to arrange to host the studio visit, this is in no way a guarantee and is at the discretion of the gallery.

A.I.R. Gallery will host a preparatory workshop for all Studio Visit winners.  Attendance is mandatory and artists must attend one of the workshops in order to participate in a studio visit.  One weekday and one weekend workshop will be offered to accommodate artists schedules.  The workshops will provide tips and resources for individuals conducting studio visits and provide an opportunity to make the most of your visit.  Winners of the studio visit lottery will work with the gallery and the professional they are paired with to schedule the best date and time for everyone involved.  The gallery will do its best to pair artists with the professional of their choice however the gallery will have the final say in the selection.

Winners of the Studio Visit Lottery will be announced at 7:30pm on Thursday September 10th at the Opening Reception.  All notifications will be made no later than 6pm on September 11, 2016.  The number of winners chosen for studio visits is dependent on the number of arts professionals who agree to perform studio visits on behalf of A.I.R. Gallery.  Once you are notified as a winner of the lottery the gallery will provide instructions for follow-up and details about attending the workshop and scheduling your studio visit.  All visits should take place by December 31, 2015.

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