Artist Statement
Andrea Burgay elevates the overlooked and the mundane via transformative physical processes. Her work combines collage, sculpture and found materials to depict alternate versions of the darker sides of life while channeling the magic of the everyday world.

The process of collage—unifying a variety of materials from different contexts—is a driving force in the work. In our world, we are inundated with images, objects and information. The collage process is a way to sort through the chaos, extract what is valuable and arrange the fragments into a new form. Burgay’s work spans painting, sculpture and installation, unified by the process of arranging and attaching materials, followed by destructive actions—cutting, removing, extracting or obscuring elements.

Material choices are based on tactile qualities and emotional content, aspects of which are later incorporated into the work. The materials are manipulated through traditional artistic methods as well as processes associated with low-art and craft. Paper is painted, printed and stenciled, fabric is dyed and sewn, and when combined, unique new narratives are created. The resulting works tell stories of growth, deterioration and rebirth, hidden hopes and ambitions, rituals and secret dreams.


Past Solo Exhibitions: 
Destroy Edit Transform, 2016