Trump Welcome Mat, 2017 20”x27” latch hook rug, mixed media


Artist Statement
I am a conceptual, multi-disciplinary, social practice artist with a strong feminist bent.  I am inspired by pop culture, current events, and find humor in the odd juxtapositions that often inform my art.   Having done service for women in the arts through my work on the national board of the Women’s Caucus for Art; I now hope to focus my attention on my own studio practice and exhibiting.  I am bubbling over with ideas, inspired by artists’ residencies and have a large body of work focused on the ‘all-consuming’ diet industry that I would love to see come to a dynamic and inspired conclusion. I hope eventually to curate an exhibition entitled “Fat Lot-O-Good” featuring the work of the many fat activist artists I have connected with over the course of my research and personal development. I feel that being part of a national artists program at A.I.R.  is a neatly focused way to propel my vision forward towards goals both in learning experience and from involvement with the art community from yet another angle.