Using autobiographical disasters as the narrative point of departure, my work operates as a social and cultural critique. These works address issues of intimacy, isolation, frustration, anger, and repression. They are reactionary in nature, as if the prefrontal cortex shuts down and everything you know you shouldn’t say comes spewing out. The compulsive elements of these works are a manifestation of anxiety and depression, which are often overwhelming in my own life and catalyzed by external events.
My perspective of the world can be described as a bumper car existence. Everyone traveling along their own paths, caught up in self-serving agendas undermines the ability for transference of deep compassion and empathy. At the same time, overarching agendas are being imposed such as those inherent in a patriarchal society. I am interested in these power dynamics that I believe stem from a place of insecurity and need for control. The use of craft materials such as yarn, fabric, and glitter challenges hierarchical notions of
painting while tapping into a childlike sentimentality.
By employing humor as a mechanism to excavate the deep-seated pain to the surface, I am reclaiming power over these emotions. In recognition of this futile attempt for connection, the work shifts in scale and volume from being faint whispers of an internal
monologue to screaming at a wall until the voice is rendered hoarse. The rich space between the title and the work is a telepathic conduit to express what one cannot vocally.



Wish You Were Here, 2016