(un)Seen Work (walk-in book), community-based installation, 2010-11
embossed metal on wood, text, video, audio, 8ft. x 12f.t x 20 ft.(each panel)


Artist Statement
Jane Gilmor’s art is concerned with social issues, found situations, and psychological narrative. Her work is an amalgam of intuitive responses to personal experience and cultural critiques. Her latest installations, extending from her Containers for the Self series, present wearable structures activated with robotics and room-sized walk-in books covered with etched metal notes and embedded with video. 
From The 1976 All-American Glamour Kitty Pageant, to her 1980's cat-masked goddesses in Greek ruins and Iowa bowling alleys, to her thirty years of social practice/community-based work in shelters and hospitals. Her search is for those entanglements of image, language and space through which we try to locate our own identity.



Past Group Exhibitions: 
National Members Exhibition, 2016
Cooperative Consciousness, 2016
Wish You Were Here, 2016
Razzle Dazzle, 2016
Wish you were here, 2015
National Members Exhibition, 1995