CODA, 2017, mixed media, wire, steel, resin, glass, found objects, fishing line, canvas panels, 65" x 42" x 72"


Artist Statement
I am a multi-disciplinary artist whose art reflects the human condition — all of its crags, crevices, revelations and secrets — and a belief in an endless ability to rise from the ashes.  Mixed media artworks are rooted in personal history and plumb the depths of an inner darkness and an inner light.  In essence, the work is about life, death, and hope.  
Current artwork delves into identity and the lasting core which survives the white noise from society, family and personal experience. Newest are multi-part, ‘flexible,’ hanging sculptures using wire, mixed media, and found objects. These invite curatorial creative input into the presentation through lighting direction and movement, and component inclusion and movement to offer a continually varied viewer experience. The perpetual dance of the shadow and conscious selves is illuminated. Other pieces are physically palpable and bridge the genres of sculpture, painting and assemblage. Dozens of layers yield surfaces rich with archeology, reflecting the complexities of human existence. Creations become ‘entities.’ Forms extend beyond support boundaries, jut outward and encroach the viewer’s space. Uncensored raw materials are chosen for their symbolic and physical presence.
Being raised by scientists and surgeons, and a career in organ and tissue transplantation research, ingrained a fascination with physical and psychological intricacies.  The detail and the whole are equally important.  Observing my father during his plastic surgery procedures etched suturing, cutting and tearing into my repertoire.  Yet, my aim is reveal the underbelly, not veil it.