Interplay of time, space, lights and color. My explorations are floating, crossing boundaries, touching the center, space, the shape of a swirl as in the Scrollworks series. I explore color and light and how they relate to sound. My images draw inspiration from all my experiences: happiness, sadness, anger, pain, beauty and ugliness. These influences mature in my mind, to be expressed perhaps ten years later. I draw a line extending in all directions and find out something that spreads like a feeler. Or, I may be losing something in the making of a piece. It may be lose and found simultaneously or in alternation.

Sometimes the images come from the outside. Sounds create a picture in my mind. These can be bombing sounds from the news, or screaming mad sounds that stick into my heart. The images are coming from outside like this. Other times, images grow from ideas within me. When I am painting, I move the brush as I release all the sensitivity inside. I feel that the images come from somewhere in the sub-conscious. I always sharpen my nerves in daily life, especially when I painting. I concentrate in order to paint pure sensation, to make pure images. The compositions in my mind come ceaselessly without a rest.

I reference persistent feelings of hope, which are synergized with reality in the radiant drawings. The creative process behind this latest addition to my growing body of work is the realization of experience that provides the original and individualistic expression.

For my installations, I have created rice paper rolls in clusters which take on amorphous shapes on the wall and are supported by an idea of color. The works are evidence of my expansion of line, space and most importantly, color palette. The simple and organic shapes find a form in the air, as interplay of time and space with lights and color.

Note: "Japan was the only country where nuclear weapons were used for war, and it has been the only country where radioactive contamination went ahead through the accident of the nuclear power plant. In my exhibition, I pray the people all over the country would be feel relieved heartily and to have life safely in the country. And I hope that will be the last first in the world, and then we need to consider it again from the beginning. After the last first, I hope that kind of the Re-Origin going to go to the future for people on all over the world..."