Late & Early, 2019, pastel, pastel pencil, 191/2” x 19”


Artist Statement
I have lived in one area of southern Vermont for over 50 years. The land around me has become my home in the deepest sense of that word. I have a fascination with alternative, often overlooked, parts of nature and my drawings depict differing responses to it over time.
Square-format linear abstractions, drawn with pastels and pastel pencil, recall the color, texture, and light across the land. Some drawings are spare glimpses, merely details, while others explore and expand specific elements. The titles of drawings underscore my focus - Scattergold pulls apart on the edges, a compacted bundle binds Leaf, while Windrift splays outward.
A group of larger, graphite drawings, entitled Old Growth, describes tree surfaces and underbrush with myriads of lines erased and drawn over again.
While my drawings are intimately linked to natural elements, they have personal associative meanings. The drawings begin with an impulse, perhaps an exhalation - just a line to touch, to record, to reveal. They are about both the land and about our human connection to it. Areas are left open, untouched, and there is a sense of unresolved motion, through shimmerings and shadows.They are all visual stories in which I am rooted.

Nancy Storrow


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