Eulogy For The Dyke Bar (exterior), 2015-2016


Artist Statement

Macon Reed’s work seeks to expand the agency of our collective imagination in response to the growing apathy and isolation inspired by late capitalism. She understands the imagination as an emotive, theoretical, and corporeal realm of transformation. Motivated by human relationships within evolving queer and intersectional feminist frameworks- her projects recognize that aesthetic form and social engagement are not mutually exclusive but rather, deeply intertwined. Reed’s work reflects on intersections of trauma and healing, sacrifice and transcendence, and what it means to belong. Responding to the gravity of these subjects, she activates humor, relationship, and pleasure in her process wherever possible. Most recently, her practice has evolved towards creating immersive sculptural environments that serve as public sites for dynamic inter-community conversation and transformative ritual. She understands her work as an act of creative resistance.