obelisk, ziggurat, pyramid  2018 15 x 15 in., mirror, resin, acrylic gel, porcelain

Martha Sedgwick

Artist Statement

The foundation of my paintings begins with multiple layers of color. The interplay between light and dark creates as spatially infinite space, akin to looking into a reflecting pool or through mist. Simple hieroglyphic-type shapes positioned between the layers act as a compositional anchor, subtly revealing their ghostlike presence within the ambiguous space. Like an echo, they exist in both the present and the past.

I am fortunate to live in a place where the environment is simultaneously rugged and fragile. I spend a lot of time looking at this natural world and engaged by its inherent tension. I am acutely aware of what has been lost to me through development and climate change, as well as the more immediate register through which I experience change in the moment. My work exists at the intersection of observable space and memory, which is more fluid and interpretive.

As an artist, I want to distill that which feels urgent, fleeting and ephemeral about my life into something tangible. Like a map, a body of work lets me mark where I’ve come from and offers a path forward.