double blind, 2015, racquetball, glass, 5"x7"x3"


Artist Statement
My art activates the unseen. I think of the objects I make as three-dimensional drawings, which emerge and recede in space through the techniques of camouflage, illusion, and manipulations of scale. Through these object-drawings, I seek to reveal the instability of perception, or how varying modes of attention and awareness shape our mind’s experience of reality. I wonder: How do we attend to or conceive of the spaces we inhabit? and how does that impact our understanding of connectivity today? Within a world of networked technologies, what does it mean to be “touched by”someone or something. Collaborating with various phenomena including gravity, wind and light, I ask: how do objects and experiences “speak” in ways images cannot? I am interested in the psychology of space, the complex network of relationships between objects and their surrounding environment. My work seeks to address aspects of these encounters that are difficult to represent, or capture: vibrations, forces, energies.


Past Solo Exhibitions: 
Slow Motion