Swinging Birches, 2014, Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas, 40” X 54”


Artist Statement
Whether in drawing, painting, or printmaking, the process for me is about layering and energizing space in such a way that objects are fluid, interconnected and full of energy and movement. I try to utilize a variety of lines, marks, and media to suggest both stasis and openness to possibility and transformation as well as the passage of time.  As I attempt to describe the multiple realities which intermingle in memory, imagination and daily life, images emerge and diverge – reconfiguring in new relationships. 


Past Solo Exhibitions:
Wild Woods and Whirligig Girls, 2014
Ephemeral, 2014

Past Group Exhibitions:
Abortion, 2018
RAZZLE DAZZLE - Generations X, 2016
If These Walls..., 2014