Past Group Exhibitions: Artist Statement
Naomi Elena Ramirez has developed a practice of generative graphic scoring for gestures, movement, and dance: A choreographic method that filters the process of making live performance through the mediums of photography, drawing, collage, and notation.  Experimental graphic scores exist as drawings and diagrams; producing critical spaces for dialogue across disciplines they function within a process of translation from static to durational.  Within her scores, fragments of the moving gestural body are photographed and then placed upon the page in relation to and modified by lines, curves, shapes, and symbols. Her method is generative in that the score precedes the choreography rather than recording it.  Thus, the strokes and marks, images and symbols are created in parallel as both drawing and performance.  Visually mapping a dance on the page and within the imagination.  Requiring an embodied creative reading, each element of the score informs the translation to live performance.