Artist Statement
Within the recesses still and quiet, is a passionate dancer. Movement, theater and costume reside in the deepest version of myself and are present in my processes of creation. Strongly bound to the endless curiosities and mysteries of our world explained and to those left unknown, I sit watching the night sky with my father as young girl in my pink and white checked bedroom.  My mind was opened and these conscious and unconscious meanderings of thought and dream wander with me throughout life. There were rough roads too and multiple lives to pass through, but this human persevered. These influential beginnings carry on intertwined with motherhood, wifely-hood, mounting pressures of responsibility and multiple careers; they are the engine that drives me forward and sometimes backward. Often stretching on fumes, making only the occasional stop to refuel, I pay twice what is due in tolls and pour what is left into my unwavering passion. There exists an art from me, where the public rests upon my shoulder and the pressure is real. Each piece is meticulously pondered and planned – I am not a machine, but they help keep us afloat. However, another side exists where I elude those voices and the imagery creates itself in an abundant space filled with endless potential and complex dimensional layers all colliding in a bubbling of delight and anticipation.