Green Net, 2017, Beeswax, Paraffin Handcut Mylar, Cyanotype printed ceramics, Mica, 18.5" x 18.5" x 4”


Artist Statement
I am a mixed media artist who draws on inspirations from evolving and decaying facets of nature and their spiritual imprints. I have been inspired by unnoticeable elements, such as wind, soil and bubbles, as well as man- made artifacts such as industrial wastes and debris. I use such seemingly trivial objects in my installations to bring them back to life. I incorporate them as cast objects, along with metal, glass, rubber, tree-bark, pieces of shellfish and other non-essentials. In some of my past works, installed ceramic and glass pieces against a backdrop of cyanotype print. The white shadows, displaced from the pieces, may suggest the passage of time or may be seen as spiritual footsteps seeking a connection to their original pieces. In my recent show, cyanotype exposed ceramic shards are embedded in layers of wax of varying colors and translucency. They may resemble debris floating in the ocean or small particles in the space, captured in a moment in the elapse of time. I want to confront the tension between transience and permanency, surface and depth, gravity and non- gravity, and ultimately, the fragility of our existence.