Artist Statement
Filtering takes its name from a physical, labor-intensive, and ongoing practice, and also refers to the process of tracing to create an abstract pattern using carbon paper. Historically, carbon paper was used to make copies simultaneously from an original document. Yun Shin uses its historical application in her work to copy texts. Filtering features two abstract patterns on paper as well as carbon papers, which show evidence of tracing.

The density of layering the same signatures creates something infinite. Shin believes that a daily limited practice (in this case, tracing) and a simple technique can yield surprising discoveries. Labor and time, the very process of making, which is hidden and invested within each object, become the significant part of her work.

Living alone in a foreign culture has influenced her to recreate relationships with her family through visual work. Everyday activities are a way of reconstructing relationships and remembering home, and in her mind a reverent and ritualistic activity that brings her closer to her memory and relationships.