Removing Biases Against Families Impacted by Incarceration


Wednesday, August 22, 2018
6:00–8:00 PM

Unbroken by Bars in partnership with The Osborne Association presents "Removing Biases Against Families Impacted by Incarceration"

More than 2.7 million children in the United States have an incarcerated parent on any given day, yet these children are largely invisible due to the stigma that families experience when they share that a loved one is incarcerated. As a result, many families do not speak about incarceration and do not receive the support that would help them succeed and thrive. Most children want and need to visit with their incarcerated parents and incarcerated mothers want opportunities to parent while behind bars, but biases and misconceptions about what is best for children are a barrier. Join us for a discussion with three formerly incarcerated mothers who will share how their relationships with their children were Unbroken by Bars and learn how you can create safe spaces and confront stigma so that children, mothers, and families have the opportunity to thrive and flourish. The discussion will be moderated by Allison Hollihan of the New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents.

(Our Love Is) Unbroken by Bars is an ongoing art and storytelling project curated by Katie Fuller with prints and a mural by Jess X Snow. This iteration, held in collaboration with A.I.R. gallery, addresses the systemic neglect of women, who are the fastest growing prison population, specifically women who gave birth while incarcerated.