the wild (survival) guide of an artist-parent

the wild (survival) guide of an artist­parent
Organized by A.I.R. Fellow Daniela Kostova


Friday, April 8th, 6-8pm

Join A.I.R. for the wild (survival) guide of an artist­-parent, a pluralistic discussion about art, play, parenting, fear, and adventure. Artists, curators, entrepreneurs and educators invite you to discuss personal and collective strategies of integrating families and children in the process of art making, performing and living as artist­parents in the city. We can consider together the advantages and limitations of this presumably unlikely condition as well as live/work models, co­working, co­living, and others... We'll look for approaches that work within the system and alternatives to it.

*Physical and mental room will be provided for both parents and non­parents, as well as activities for kids and kid­likes.


Monika Wuhrer, founder of Open Source Gallery, a unique space where art intersects with the community and the world at large, including the innovative creative kids program KOKO.
open-source-gallery.org, open-source-gallery.org/koko

Meglena Zapreva, artist-educator whose work in museums, schools, and alternative spaces focuses on integrating art, science, and nature.

Leela Rupa Le Noury and Corinne Lee Amato, co-creators of Arty Garden Party nourishing communities, families and the individual through the process of collective sustainable art projects. Both mothers, artists, art facilitators and activists their extensive visual and performing arts background compliment and inform their work.

Aki Hirata, co-founder of The Compound Cowork – a space in which creatives from various spheres can work side by side. She tirelessly promotes healthy creativity, spiritual elevation and a communal approach to work and living. thecompoundcowork.com, MINKAbrooklyn.com, akiackeebrooklyn.com, bdplusb.com

Eniko Imre, art curator, event organizer and writer (The Krane Theatre, Pilvax Players). She is the co-founder of "Derivatives: An Art Venture." She also founded and hosts a book club for babies in Harlem.

Tali Hinkis*, part of the interdisciplinary artist duo LoVid. LoVid has been collaborating in art and parenthood since 2001. lovid.org

Dillon de Give*, an artist and educator acting in a spirit of humane experimentalism. He stages subtle alterations to everyday performances that aim to distribute art in public experience.

*Both Tali and Dillon are part of The Let Down Reflex at EFA, an exhibition that attempts to recognize the complexities of parenting in the art world, and asks if a better alternative for families can exist. www.projectspace-efanyc.org/the-let-down-reflex

This open discussion is in conjunction with the exhibition LOOSE by Daniela Kostova.