governors island

Ofri Cnaani: Drawing of Drawing Sessions

As part  of A.I.R at Governors Island, Cnaani will present a new participatory performance on Saturday, June 17th at 1pm. Join us at House 4A, Nolan Park, Governors Island!


Drawing of Drawing Sessions is a participatory performance rooted in the conventional method of a plein-air landscape drawing session. In the picturesque setting of Governors Island every session will begin with one person sitting outside drawing the landscape; only a few meters behind, a second person will sit, working on a drawing of a person drawing a landscape; a short distance beyond the second, a third is seated, forming a line of drawers of drawers, turning the natural mise-en-scene into a pedagogical mise-en-abyme.

The first performative session is an hour and will include several canonical drawing assignments.  After each assignment, the first in line will move to the end, turning the performance itself into a drawn human line that is constantly moving through its surroundings.

This transdisciplinary investigation challenges the conversation between the concepts of skill, expertise, art training, and the act of seeing.

A.I.R. at Governors Island


A.I.R. is pleased to announce its fourth season of activities on Governors Island. Located at House 4A, Nolan Park, the program will include exhibitions, artist talks, performances, screenings, and will host the inaugural A.I.R. Summer Residency.


Inaugural Summer Residency
The A.I.R. Summer Residency is an eight-week program which offers an opportunity for artists aligned with A.I.R.’s mission, working in all disciplines, to advance their work in an immersive studio environment. On July 29th and 30th, and September 16th and 17th, visitors are invited inside the resident’s studio spaces for our open|STUDIOS weekend. The residency will culminate in an exhibition and a program curated by Patricia Margarita Hernandez and Alexis Wilkinson.

The artists participating in the inaugural A.I.R. Summer Residency are:
Sarah Anderson
Ofri Cnaani
Mira Dayal
Rachel Guardiola
Emily Oliveira
Macon Reed
Barb Smith
Victoria-idongesit Udondian
Allison Wade

The house will be open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 12-5pm from June to October. A.I.R. will hold artist talks, performances, and screenings every Saturday throughout the season.