What the Witch's Nose Knows That Andy Warhol's Nose Doesn't Know


Join us at A.I.R. on December 7,  2017 from 6:30 - 9 PM to reveal in the beauty of the witch's nose! 

The event will start at 6:30 PM with a "What a Witch" lecture and performance featuring Kay Turner and artists Maxine Henryson and Rosina Lardieri. 

"What a Witch, Part 6: Before and After", a participatory performance, explores the witch's nose, an ambivalent symbol of women's abjection and power in the face of misogyny. The performance riffs on Andy Warhol’s famous BEFORE and AFTER (1961) painting, which he based on crude, popular advertisements for nose job surgery aimed at women. Turner has reversed the advertisement to suggest that a more desirable transformation takes the tiny, upturned "pretty" woman's nose and magically substitutes with a witch's nose. The evening includes a her-story lecture on the witch’s nose, a scent test, and an opportunity to see yourself anew photographed with a new witchy nose. Photographers Maxine Henryson and Rosina Lardieri will assist Turner in creating the BEFORE and AFTER transformation that Warhol should have queered long ago.