Kathleen Schneider


Kathleen Schneider,  Globe , Wool, felt and wire, 65 x 25 x 25 inches

Kathleen Schneider, Globe, Wool, felt and wire, 65 x 25 x 25 inches


June 3 - 27, 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 4, 6-8pm

past/PRESENT refers to two distinct set of sculpture that occupy separate spaced in the gallery and are interacted with in different ways. The past works are presented together as an installation titled "Still Life (Gemini)" - an assemblage of object "doubles." The PRESENT sculptures are human-scaled pieces spaced in relationship to one another to be walked around and confronted one-on-one. They share the artists' emphasis on locating movement through implied action, stopped-action and incremental transformation. 

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