Spacetime of One's Own
Annika Erixån


Annika Erixån,  Hannah , 2012, Watercolor on paper

Annika Erixån, Hannah, 2012, Watercolor on paper


June 27 - July 21, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 27, 2013, 6-8:30pm

Using literary and scientific theory, Spacetime of One's Own addresses a woman’s deepest need to create and her desire for the necessary time to do so. Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s famous extended essay, A Room of One’s Own, and Albert Einstein’s space-­‐time theory, Erixån’s exhibit creates an artist’s studio inside of the gallery. Taking Woolf’s list of required conditions for creativity, including: freedom, money, and a room, Erixån filters these themes through the theory of space-­‐time. In physics, this concept removes the separation between space and time, and envisions a compact universe with all three dimensions of space and a fourth dimension of time. This theory provides for a curved room, or in this case a studio, where everything happens at once.

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