Amanda Turner Pohan

Vapebot, no. Linqox Criss (2018), Infuse/Withdraw Medical Syringe Pump 11 Elite, glass syringe, valve box, Aspire K3 vape pen, custom vape e-liquid whose formula is based upon hypothetical HTML body metrics of the Second Life avatar Linqox Criss

Amanda Turner Pohan’s work examines the slippage between digital and physical embodiment, using the body’s complicated relationship to technology as source material. Installations featuring sculpture, scent, sound, video, and performance attempt to unpack the definition of gender as well as the definition of a body — what it is to be assigned or assumed, blurring the physical and conceptual limitations of each. If our electronic devices and online identities are extensions of the self, what they nevertheless demand or inhibit, what they make available to the senses, and what they allow or deny the body.

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