Amanda Turner Pohan

The Living Body Archive of Linqox Criss, 2016, Installation, video, sculpture and scent, City Limits Gallery, Oakland, CA, Dimensions variable.

My work is about recording, re-organizing, and translating the sensuousness of the body. Bodies are intimately related to the histories and embedded power structures in science, medicine, design, and digital technologies. These histories and discoveries, such as the history of a city or the discovery of the birth control pill, are inscribed within the network of systems of the body, becoming a living body archive. The relationship between history and the body reveals how identity and subjectivity materialize, evaporate, and re-materialize. Using scent, sound, image and text within sculptural immersive environments, I reactivate the sensuousness of the body archive. y sculptures and installations are records of processes rooted in science and alchemy.

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