Jayanthi Moorthy

Sacred Threads, 2011, Acrylic on canvas, 58 x 22 inches

In this chaotic and overloaded world, I am interested in finding those moments of inner silence where one can feel spiritually connected to the self and our surroundings. In this process I address issues of the “self” as it is that which determines how we perceive the world. My work explores questions like “what is permanent in our lives?” “what defines cultural identity?” or “how is less more?”  I draw inspiration from Asian culture and it’s century-old rituals and ceremonies because of the emphasis on the pursuit for inner peace.

I empty my mind through my meditations on the canvas and on the floor. Works on canvas are made with mixed media (acrylic, paper, ink and pastels) using every day tools like a comb, toothbrush or a ruler.  These tools create textures (such as acrylic threads, patterns on the floor) that are symbolic of our various pursuits in the process of discovery. In my site-specific installations, I work on the floor where I re-create ephemeral art using traditional materials like rice flour, sand and turmeric. Ephemeral to me reflects the desire to repeatedly engage in the process of emptying the mind and through this process reflecting on the philosophical belief that all matter is transitory.

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