Sara Mejia Kriendler

Parts and Parcels, 2013, Styfrofoam, plaster, plastic, pigment, sand, Dimensions Variable

Every civilization has left behind a rich language of marks and symbols for the future to decode. What will we leave behind? My work is driven by this question, a historical perspective and an awareness that change is constant, creation fragile, and that the products of today will be the artifacts of tomorrow. I excavate our material culture and find textures, patterns, and forms in our most mundane, functional, and disposable products; styrofoam, plastic packaging, and dollar store goods. The shapes of this detritus are the fodder for my installations, sculptures and drawings. Using plaster, clay, styrofoam, and bronze I translate these found forms by casting, assembling, and arranging them. This work is part of my continuing effort to take a close look at our consumer culture, magnify its shapes and visual messages, and codify, repurpose and recycle them.

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