Another Gesture/Um Outro Gesto/Eine weitere Geste/

Another Gesture/ Um Outro Gesto/Eine weitere Geste/ is a group exhibition with Veronika Hilger, Svenja Kreh, Alice Quaresma, and Teresa Viana, curated by Cynthia Cruz and Tatiane Santa Rosa. The artists will be presenting recent  work, in a variety of mediums, such as oil painting, drawing, textile, photography, and mixed media. This is Hilger’s and Viana’s first exhibition in New York City.

The notion of “another gesture” suggests a two-fold approach. First, one that moves away from the dominant male legacy of abstract expressionism, in which gesture was used to champion the uniqueness of painting as a medium. The artists cling to the idea of gesture not only as a visual element but also as a conceptual vehicle for humor, refusal, narrative, and memory. Second, within the word “another” there is a play with the idea of being an other to someone, a reference to the otherness that haunts historical relationships between Brazil and Germany. Ties that are mostly known in regards to colonial expeditions and German immigration to Brazil.

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Artist Statement
Enterprising Machines are works inspired by machine aesthetics that reference common tools and domestic utilitarian objects.  My process begins with digital manipulations from vintage consumer catalogues published in the early 1900’s for Pratt and Whitney tools, and the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, maker of domestic gadgets. The digitally printed elements I compose recall blueprints or plans, and create a foundation for the modification of the context of these implements. Drawing from observation of actual objects allows for transposition and mutability between layers of printed and observed information. The objects explored are simultaneously transformed denying their original functional purpose and asserting an animated physical presence and internal narrative.

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